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From debris removal for commercial or residential projects to rubbish removal after a big spring clean, you can count on Bam Quick Bins to help.

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What can I dispose of?


When working on a construction project, debris, such as wood and scrap metal, accumulates fast. Our bin rental service can help with effective waste management and uninterrupted workflow for your construction project.

Residential Projects

If you are working on a home project that requires a larger-sized bin, our solution will be perfect for you. With our disposal services, you can quickly remove furniture, appliances, and more.

Dirt & Concrete

If your project entails the removal of concrete asphalt, gravel, brick, and more, Bam Quick Bins can safely dispose of these aggregates for you.

Landscape Debris

When working on a landscaping project for your home, or a commercial client, we can help you control and manage the debris that comes from it to create a cleaner work environment.

Rubbish Removal

If you have had a big spring clean or are in the process of moving and need to dispose of a large number of items, you can count on our bin rental service to help.


Bam Quick Bins handles the removal of your tires in an environmentally friendly way. Please note: $10 eco fee per tire applies.

What you can't put in your bin

No hazardous items
No cleaning chemicals
No propane tanks
No batteries

Why choose Bam Quick Bins for your Dumpster Rental?

Our bins will fit easily on your driveway or within your residential area.

We can deliver your container to a location that is convenient for you.

We take care of your property by providing boards underneath your bins to ensure your driveway is not marked.

Find your perfect size dumpster for your project.

We offer three bin sizes to choose from so you can find the perfect size for your project. Not sure what would be the right size? We are here to help answer questions or make recommendations based on your project. Bin dimensions can vary.

A Bam Quick Bin example rental.

Approx. 12' Long x 7' Wide x 3' High

Ideal for small renovation projects and household garbage.

Choose a location to see pricing!


Approx. 12' Long x 7' Wide x 5' High

Ideal for green waste, home reno, and small construction projects.

Choose a location to see pricing!


Approx. 14' Long x 8' Wide x 6' High

Ideal for a variety of more extensive renovation and construction projects.

Choose a location to see pricing!

A bin for small renovation projects or household garbage.A Medium bin park in front of a residential house.A larger container for a bigger renovation project.
Guidelines for an easy process
All bins fit easily onto a residential driveway. The residential containers require no more space than a single parking spot. If that is not convenient, we are always happy to work with you and find a place that works best for you and your project needs!
It will be delivered and placed on your driveway with boards underneath. If this is not possible, you may require a city permit. Please notify us upon booking your bin rental. 
We ask that you not fill the bin beyond the container's top edge for a safe load and transport.
Additional fees may apply if we cannot collect the bin due to overfilling. The law prohibits overloading. Anything that is over the container's height must be removed before transport.
If you think you are getting close to filling the bin and still have more rubbish to remove, we can always bring you an empty container when we remove your current one. No delay in work and safe transporting!
Refer to our accepted materials checklist below for more information on what can go into our bins.

Commercial Waste and Recycling

Introducing our Commercial Dumpsters.

We are excited to introduce our new 10-yard garbage dumpster, perfect for your long-term disposal needs. It features a protective lid and is an excellent solution for your commercial location where secure waste management is a priority

A 10 yard bin with a secure lid, by a brick house on a sunny day in Ontario
Garbage Bin with Lid

Size: 10 Yards

Monthly Charge: $200

Servicing Fee: $100 plus actual disposal costs

Ideal for ongoing projects necessitating a reliable and secure waste disposal solution.

Book and choose a location!

Fast Reliable and Very Easy to Deal with. I am a local Realtor and required a bin on short notice for one of my investment properties. Bam Quick Bins was there the next day delivering! I highly recommend them.

Ryan H.
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Disposal bags

Disposal Bags

Maybe you don't need a bin. So why not grab a bag?
Bam Quick Bins provides disposal bags for when you don't need a large dumpster to remove waste.

A disposal bag has a lower cost and means you have more time to complete your project. It also includes the same amount of disposal weight as our bins.

Just buy a bag online, and we will deliver it to you! Take your time, and when the bag is ready for pickup, let us know, and we will take it away. Simple as that!

Disposal fees included up to 1 tonne. 2200 lbs included in the pickup cost. Disposal bags are rated for up to 3300 lbs. Great for brush, debris from renovations, decluttering, and outdoor cleanup!

Quick response times. Great pricing. Modern technology that offered up to the minute updates on when the bin would be delivered. All around a great experience. Will definitely recommend and use again!

Craig D.
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Safe, reliable storage solutions

Bam Quick Bins also provides storage cubes for renovation, home staging, or decluttering projects. These storage cubes are secure, weather and rodent-proof, and fit on your driveway.

7 days

Approx. 8' Long x 8' Wide x 9' High

14 days

Approx. 8' Long x 8' Wide x 9' High

30 days

Approx. 8' Long x 8' Wide x 9' High

Driveway storage from Bam Quick Bins in Coburg.

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Environmentally Friendly Rental Moving Box Rentals

Take full advantage of reusable moving boxes. You will find that they are far more durable and give better protection to all your beloved and fragile things. Our boxes stack perfectly, making your move faster and keeping your item safe.

One-Week Rental

25 Boxes

One-Month Rental

25 Boxes

Easy rental moving box in Coburg.